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My good freind will open her flower shop next month in Panabo, I want to help her find costumers , pls help me

her flower shop will include flower arrangements and possibly, free delivery later on. she is a good flower arranger that is why she wants to venture on that skills.

My good freind will open her flower shop next month in Panabo, I want to help her find costumers , pls help me
Help her advertise, tell everyone you meet that there is a really great flower shop opening soon and the flowers are the best quality you have ever seen at a very good price.

Maybe she could have a special offer like buy some flowers and get a free card, or buy 9 flowers and get another free.

Write an article about your friend and how great her flower arranging skills are, "she arranges flowers like an artist paints a canvas". send the article to a local newspaper, they are always looking for little stories.

There are many ways you can help her, by asking this question you have helped her because everyone that reads this will know that there is a new flower store opening in Panabo!
Reply:Beside Fresh Flowers , Go For Dry Flower Arrangements

Coz Dry Flower Arrangements Are Long Lasting , And Is Very Much In

If U Need Anything Like That , Plz Contact Me I Will Deliver You At Cheapest , Which Help You To Get A Good Clintage More faster Due To Wide Range Of Variety And Selling Cheaper Than Market ( This Will Not Effect Your Profit Margin )

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Reply:Has she got a website? You could help her build one if she hasn't.

There is a free course for local business people over here:


I know the woman at has a website and is seeing brilliant results from her website helping her on the ground florist business.

Hope that helps and good luck with the shop.


Any opinions on Cr Flowers in Des Plaines, IL?

WOW! Was 100% + satisfied with order placed from Houston, Tx. for delivery in Des Plaines.

The flowers were beautiful and plenty!

Any opinions on Cr Flowers in Des Plaines, IL?
Can you eat those flowers? Wrong category.
Reply:I have had good luck with Quasthoff in River Grove.

Quasthoff's Flowers Co

2801-13 Thatcher Ave, River Grove, IL 60171

Toll Free: 800-711-0575

24hr: 708-456-7890

Local: 708-456-7890

Nintendo Wii

Managers: What is wrong with me prohibiting flower and candy deliveries to my employees?

Did I do something wrong? This is a place of business and not a social gathering. My boss has backed me up 100%. We were inundated today with stupid V-Day flower and candy deliveries to employees and quite frankly my boss and I are sick of it. I wrote the prohibition memo and both my boss and I signed it and it has been posted. Employees are kind of upset but I don't care!!! This is a business. Do your social crap somewhere else. Not on my time.

Managers: What is wrong with me prohibiting flower and candy deliveries to my employees?
You haven't had a girlfriend since the millenium, have you?

Table ready for "bitter", party of one.....
Reply:You guys are pathetic. Its only 1 day a year.

Get over it, its not like your losing hundreds of dollars because of it. It makes the work environment much better and a good palce to be. If you piss off your workers they wont work as well. You may think its a bad thing but its actually a good thing. Happy workers = money. Mad workers = loss of money.
Reply:what type of business?
Reply:eww, u suck....its just 1 day, just because you dont have a valentine doesnt mean you need to ruin everyone else's day.
Reply:How would you like to work for you?

Also, you should leave your personal problems at home. We know that you are steamed because you have no social life or Valentine of your own. I bet that you got ZERO flowers or candy.
Reply:I am sorry i dont like Valentines day either and i get mad when i see someone else getting something. BUT if my boss did that i would quit only because some people that is the only way they get there gifts because if they are at work all day then they can not get it at home because noone is there. My boyfriend is in the military and he is not gone now but if he was to be overseas and my boss did that i would have to tell him off only because my husband or boyfriend is fighting over there for u to put a mean azz sign like that up!!!
Reply:kind of kills the self motivation around work. If you don't have to deliver the flowers to the office and you don't have to answer the door then it is not hurting you. If in fact you are being put out by this then state the reason don't just say no
Reply:you can't really control what someone outside your company sends to your employees, can you? unless next year you plan on hiring a security guard to stand at the door and send away all the flowers. then the senders will prolly be charged despite the fact the flowers didn't reach the recipient, and they'll be peeved. not that you care, but if it destroys your 'ees morale, you pretty much suck as a boss.
Reply:wow you're a dick. Valentine's is one day a year, seriously why do you have to act that way. must be single and have been for a long bitter old koot!!!...... ;0)...really it depends on the business.....hey!! Happy Valentine's Day!!!!
Reply:Don't do that. Then you will not only have to ban deliveries on V-Day but every other day as well. What if some people have their shipments sent to their work address? Is that so wrong?? Have you no sympathy? Just because YOU and YOUR BOSS don't get anything, doesn't mean you have to ruin everyone else's day too.
Reply:Yes, you did something wrong. You de-personalized your personnel.
Reply:Obviously you don't have a significant other...if you did, you would not be so jacked-up about employees receiving tokens of affection from THEIR loved ones!

Chill out and stop being such a jack-***....and hope you don't encounter any of your co-workers in a dark alley.
Reply:Don't be mad because nobody sent you anything!! You sound sooo bitter, what a loser!

All your employees probably hate you now! You better watch your coffee buddy!
Reply:If someone sends one of your employees flowers it isn't their fault. They didn't order it. Just because you are sad that none of the flowers or candy are going to you doesn't mean you have to ruin it for everyone else. Grow up
Reply:Ha Ha very funny! I can't believe people on here are buying your B.S.
Reply:Dude------lighten up...............have a Bloody Mary and meet me at Spahrs tomorrow AM!!!!!!
Reply:You didn't get anything did you? and you wonder why
Reply:OMG you must be soul less! LOL
Reply:I don't believe that you did all that much wrong, although I can see the other side of the issue. If this is something that has gone on for years, then this noticed should have been sent out before now so that the employees would tell their friends and relatives not to send them to the work place. Had they known ahead of time, granted there still may have been a little backwash but at least the employees would have been prepared. Waiting until the day of valentine's day and get angry about it then is like closing the barn door after the horse gets out.
Reply:Man oh Man YOU are such a witch and that's saying it mildly !!! I am so glad there are not others like you...My husband has his own business, his secretary's work really hard all day sometimes don't even get lunches, not to mention the times they come in early to get extra things done!! They never call in sick unless there is a death in family . These girls are hard workers also got ALOT OF FLOWERS AND CANDY from contractors my husband deals with 24-7 and he got them candy and lunch !!! He has a big heart unlike YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...


Reply:Way to kill moral, I know I wouldnt work for you.
Reply:You are the kind of boss everyone hates! Be human, we spend the majority of our lives at work, working for creeps like you and if you can't understand that and have no people skills, you are doing your business no good. Lighten up, @sshole!
Reply:Wow... what a drag it must be to work for you and the company you work for!

You should keep in mind that a happy worker is a more productive worker. By preventing these things to occur (a couple of times a year) you are not only preventing some joy and excitement into a normally dreary work space but you are also making people there upset about the rules. You have taken an non-chearful work environment and made it twice as bad.

I suggest you reasses your poor attitude about social interactions (a workplace is a social environment after all) and recant this latest "prohibition mem". I bet that if you make the work place more enjoyable you will find not only will your employees be more productive but they will be willing to help the company succeed.

Don't forget... a company with no employees are just a bunch of desk, chairs and paper.... the employees are your most valuable asset. Aggravating your most valuable asset isn't a good thing.

Hope this helps!
Reply:Because that is lame. It's only one day out of the year. You and your boss probably don't have anyone special in your lives, so you want to make sure you can kill a joy wherever you can. That is ridiculous. You sound like a real loser to me.
Reply:You're's ONE day out of the year...come on!
Reply:no one should be getting anything personal delivered to them at work, BUT you cant just type up a letter banning deliveries and stick up THAT day. if it was such a issue with and your supervisor then you should have posted something last week...
Reply:whoaa sounds like someone's without a valentine today.
Reply:There's nothing wrong with that-you are the boss. If they give you too much smack, then tell the employees that it violates some sort of health code.
Reply:they could have easily had them deliverd to theri home

Have you had a good experience with ordering flowers from Sam's Club?

The majority of things that I have hear have been positive, and I have been considering ordering their bulk roses for my wedding. Has anyone ordered their roses? I am a little concerned about the delivery being late. If you have ordered before, would you suggest having them arrive a couple days ahead of the date? Thanks :)

Have you had a good experience with ordering flowers from Sam's Club?
i've never ordered from them before. i have used shop rite for flowers before and been satisfied.

i would have them arrive a day or two prior to. roses will keep well if you refridgerate them

i think you will be okay

best of luck
Reply:I ordered mine from Sam's. I was very pleased with the flowers. I was concerned just as you are about the deliver. Just make sure you order them on the right day! The day they are ordered is directly correlated with the day they are delivered. I didn't realize that until a day late! I ordered mine the day after I was supposed to, therefore they arrived a day later than I wanted. My wedding was on Saturday and they arrived on Friday. Everything worked out, but I was nervous. It was my own fault for not following the directions to a tee! I ordered many different kinds of flowers. I was pleased with all of them, but some of them never opened up before the wedding. We had the buds in the bouquets and flower arrangements, but it was still pretty. It actually gave my flowers a unique look, which I loved. Just make sure you have someone that knows what they're doing to help with the flowers. We had to cut the ends and put them in water as soon as they arrived. We also had a big cooler to keep them in overnight in a cafeteria. If it weren't for all the help from other people, it would never have worked. But the quality of the flowers was exceptional and I would do it again. Good luck!
Reply:I ordered mine from and was quite pleased. I was so nervous about it -- you take a risk ordering your wedding flowers online. They came in on Thursday morning for my Saturday night wedding. We kept them in water and in the fridge for as long as possible. Most of the flowers looked perfect -- some were beginning to wilt a little, but we had enough that we could just toss those.

My mom and I arranged the bouquets on Friday night and wrapped the stems about 2-3 hours before leaving on Saturday. We did the corsages and boutonnieres on Saturday morning. The roses we got were a little too big for the corsages, so we made a quick emergency run to the grocery and got some small spray roses and baby's breath which were perfect.

We spent $200 on all of our flowers. We used 200 roses and had plenty for everything. (4 bouquets which were about 14-16 roses each and my gigantic bouquet which was about 32 roses. Also had about 12 boutonniers and 8 or so corsages.) We got married just after Christmas, so everything was still decorated! Great way to save money on decorations.

Good luck! (And I've heard positive things about flowers from Sam's, as well)
Reply:Arriving a couple of day prior will cause the flowers to open and die.
Reply:I ordered from Costco...and they were great...I ordered 30 dozen to be picked up the day before the wedding...when I got there...she said "take your pick" they were bundled in bunches of 2 dozen so she let me pick out the 15 bunches I wanted....and I made sure to pick the ones without the dying edges...or the ones without broken stems...They were gorgeous...

ANSWER THIS ONE! Would it matter to you if your florist used environmentally friendly vehicles for deliveries?

I am doing this survey for a class for a class so I need to collect as many responses as possible. So....if you are ordering flowers for delivery, would it matter to you whether the florist's vehicles were environmentally friendly (Hybrid) or not? And why?

ANSWER THIS ONE! Would it matter to you if your florist used environmentally friendly vehicles for deliveries?
It really would not bother me but if they did drive a "Friendly" car it would show some respect for what they love and do..
Reply:Yes it mostly matters, but I do not think about that when I am ordering flowers..

What is the proper thing to do in this case?

If I just had a baby last week and I receive a delivery of flowers from a family member to congratulate me and my husband on our new baby. Do I call and thank her or do I NOT call to thank her. What is the proper thing to do??

What is the proper thing to do in this case?
send a thank you card. people want to be acknowledged
Reply:I would sent a thank you letter in the mail.
Reply:thnk them definatly other wise they might not send you any other things
Reply:I say call. I was told that is the proper way to do it when you get flowers. You only send cards if it is bunch of people sending stuff for the same thing. In this case, it is personal and I think the person would enjoy a call to hear your voice and the joy in it. They will want to ask questions I think too...about the bady and how you are feeling.
Reply:It would probably be best to call.
Reply:Feed the baby
Reply:Send a thank you note in the mail.
Reply:return address? I say send a thank you's courteous.
Reply:Call and thank her for the lovely flowers. In my opinion, a letter is too formal.
Reply:Send a thank you note.
Reply:u should call them. if they are bein nice, u should be nice to them back. besides, theyre family and they love u.
Reply:yeah, I think that you should but tell her that She didn't have to do this but be very nice to the family member it's just good common sense
Reply:Send a thank you note. Keep a box of generic thank yous around so you don't have to run out everytime you need one.
Reply:Wow! Overthinking much?

Call or don't call, whatever you prefer, just make sure they get thanked. I'm leaning towards calling since they will want to know the gift arrived.
Reply:Definitely call and thank her at least! You should get a package of thank you cards because you are going to get all kinds of gifts. The proper thing to do is thank the person for the gift (and name it) saying that you love it (even if you don't). If its money or a gift card tell them what you are going to do with it. Congratulations!
Reply:Definitely acknowledge the gift. I would call, you could also write a thank you note.


Guys, will you appreaciate a balloon delivery?

i want to say sorry to my boyfriend and i want to deliver him a bunch of balloons says "i love you" . will he appreciate it? he is a shy guy, works in a big firm,.. and the balloons may arrive at the office, with all the office mates, and his juniors, and seniours... bosses...or would you prefer flowers?

Guys, will you appreaciate a balloon delivery?
Guys don't want flowers or balloons.

Cook him a big meal or give him a private massage.
Reply:Since he is a shy guy, I do not think he would appreciate the balloons.

Besides, everyone in the office would have a field day talking and teasing him about it....

Flowers....another no....might look sissy to most people.

Deliver them both to his house instead.

If he is not difficult to please, then something simple would be meaningful to him too. What does he like?

Is it a simple keychain as mentioned by Ginduras? lol....

Maybe a small cake with the word, ''Sorry'' on it.

Good luck :~)
Reply:i would certaily prefer flowers,to baloons,baloons a certain no no.

Or send the baloon to his house instead. outside the main doon .It dosent matter even if it is baloons are really 1ce become light wen they expand.u personally deliver them with ur very own hands
Reply:"shy guy, works in a big firm"...

Flowers. Home.

Balloons - perhaps, but then also home.

Never. Ever. Balloons. At the office:)
Reply:That's really sweet of you. Well, I'm sure your boyfriend is a working adult so by giving him balloons isn't a very good idea. Trust me. :-|

If I were you, I wouldn't be sending him flowers too. Try sending him a box of chocolate, a neck tie, a bottle of perfume, after shave or his favourite CD. I'm sure he'll appreciate any of those more.
Reply:If I were your bf %26amp; shy, I would definitely feel uncomfortable when the ballons or flowers reached me while I'm working. Or if you insist on sending them, do it after office hours %26amp; send them to his house. Personally, I prefer something more private, like an SMS or a call.
Reply:Oh man, he's going to jump out the office window the moment his office staff sees the ballons.
Reply:tats so sweeeeet...

if my gf do any of these to me, i'd be very happy
Reply:Not balloon please.

Replace with condom (blow as balloon) would be better %26amp; send in yourself.
Reply:you give a key chain is enough for me la....
Reply:hi,i wouldnt send ballons to his work,he would propally get embarased and also trying to get them in his car when he leaves work might be difficult,how about sending them to his house instead?
Reply:Perhaps you can send him a "Singing Telegram". Instead of sending a beautiful half naked girls as the norm, send hima Singing Telegram Granny.

That will definetely melt his heart and he will forgive you immediately.

But by all means, do not send him a bunch of flowers or baloon. It will surely backfire as you had mentioned that he is a shy guy and work in a big firm

James C
Reply:i think... that the balloon delivery... is fantastic!

it's very unique....

if it's your other option, which is flowers, i think, that's too common..

maybe, by delivering those balloons, he would also feel your sincerity to him that you even exerted your effort in thinking of that unique idea just to say sorry to him...

why not, add more messages on the balloon, so that he would really appreciate so much...

good luck with the balloons!! :)